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There will be a group of us who are concerned about this ongoing and impending situation in the North. The vast majority of this group will simply recognize that they have a sense of foreboding and do nothing.  A small minority may attempt to use the tools at their disposal to influence the decision-makers.  Other than the possibility of slowing the process, does this scenario give you any reason for hope?
Let’s begin with this quote...
“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” Audre Lorde
So, what are the tools the master has put at our disposal?  Is it indeed true that they don’t work and even more profoundly are not meant to work, by design?
What changes would need to be brought about in the world for you to be hopeful about a wise and conscious path being created for the future of the North?
More tomorrow + a story of the bears...

the North

Let us talk about the North.  But let me begin by saying this.  I am not an expert in this area.  I am not an expert in any area.  But I will venture forth on this topic to the best of my ability as I will other topics because this is what is called for.  I invite any of you reading this to bring your perspective to this topic or any other that you would like to weigh in on.  We are better when we work together on these things.  

From my perspective there seems to be an enormous focus of energy being directed to the North.      In this country, Canada, our federal conservative government is developing initiatives and policies that will impact and change the North forever.  All other countries that have a geographical attachment to the North (8 in total) are making statements as to how they imagine the future of this area.  Even countries such as India and China have made it clear that they want to be involved in the process of determining the future of the North.  

So, why this emphasis?  Sadly, the overriding concern is the exploitation of the mineral wealth, and more specifically, the oil and gas that lies in this region.  Also on the table is the use of the North for shipping, including, of course, the movement of oil by tanker.

This momentum is a categorical disaster for all of us on every level.  
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To bring balance to the last post about Ukraine and Crimea... Situations like these that don’t make any sense on the surface (like Syria) usually have more than one of the major powers in the world represented.  So, in Ukraine, the Americans are very much involved at a level that is not made clear in the press.  The Russian involvement of course, is made very clear, at least in the west.  On the cover of maclean’s magazine, february 17, 2014, canada’s national news magazine, is the headline “Ukraine’s uprising: blame putin”.
So, when Russia and the U.S. are involved, what is not far behind?  Natural resources, of course!   And more specifically, oil and gas.  Ukraine is rich in both.
So, the question remains for those of us that are motivated enough to want to do something.  Do you use the tools at hand or re-design the entire system?
I’m going to build Nexus.  You?


February 20/14

I met a woman from Ukraine the other day.  She had emigrated to Canada four months previously.  I said, “Oh, Ukraine, you are in the news everyday!”.  “Yes”, she said in halting english, “revolution.  But the protesters are not typical Ukrainians.  Those who are doing so are being paid by the Americans, same as in Syria.”
Today, on the news, the american president is threatening intervention in Ukraine if the “violence” doesn’t end.  Feels a lot like Syria, no?

It is now 3 weeks later and look how the story has progressed.  I have seen full page editorials where mainstream newspapers ("The Globe and Mail" in Canada) where not only was this information that Americans were funding the dissidents embedded in the article, it was the only highlighted quote at the top of the article. 

So, sometimes the truth is there in plain sight and sometimes it is not.  Irregardless, It seems we choose to believe what we need to believe in order to maintain our world view. 

In Nexus, the situation unfolding in Ukraine/Russia/Crimea and Syria would be impossible and unthinkable.


Imagine you extricate yourself from the mud of this sad, silly world and you look down upon the planet and reflect.  You ponder how we are living and what belief systems are driving it.  You ask yourself, is this really the best we can do?  With all that we have, all that we know, all that we are, is this really a manifestation of our potential and our destiny?  Is this the application of our best selves, framed in our highest consciousness?  
And after you come to your own conclusions,  imagine Nexus.
Let’s do this thing!


So, why is oil such a pivotal commodity in our life?  We seem to be fixated on it.  Where can we find it, how much of this finite resource is left, how much does it cost, how much should it cost?  And then of course there is the growing knowledge of the damage to our environment that is taking place because of our addiction to it.  
But the startling part of this is that we have alternatives, lots of alternatives.  Our use of oil could be absolutely cut to minimal!  So, why are we having such difficulty moving away from it.  As we pay attention, why are there so many blockages?  We invented electric cars decades ago and yet their mass production remains fraught with opposition.  
There are all kinds of plans on paper to move away from oil and coal that are viable yet never see the light of day.
Why are our global conflicts almost always related philosophically and geopolitically to oil and its pursuit?  
Because oil is the currency of power.  Those who have it control power, and hold power over others.  They will do anything to control this commodity, anything.  
Because if we move to another currency, like renewable energy, the playing field is completely shifted, the power base becomes level, democratic and accessible and a new paradigm is born.  
Ah, so that’s why!



Many of you have seen these, but I thought they were worth another mention.

This link is a conversation between  Russell Brand with Jeremy Paxton.  A strong case for not voting, I think.

This one is an interview with Medhi Hasan and Russell Brand.  One of the strongest moments for me is between 4:58 and 6:36 where Russell addresses the question of labels like right and left.  Brilliant!

Let us create a new world which addresses and nourishes our higher selves!