To bring balance to the last post about Ukraine and Crimea... Situations like these that don’t make any sense on the surface (like Syria) usually have more than one of the major powers in the world represented.  So, in Ukraine, the Americans are very much involved at a level that is not made clear in the press.  The Russian involvement of course, is made very clear, at least in the west.  On the cover of maclean’s magazine, february 17, 2014, canada’s national news magazine, is the headline “Ukraine’s uprising: blame putin”.
So, when Russia and the U.S. are involved, what is not far behind?  Natural resources, of course!   And more specifically, oil and gas.  Ukraine is rich in both.
So, the question remains for those of us that are motivated enough to want to do something.  Do you use the tools at hand or re-design the entire system?
I’m going to build Nexus.  You?