So, why is oil such a pivotal commodity in our life?  We seem to be fixated on it.  Where can we find it, how much of this finite resource is left, how much does it cost, how much should it cost?  And then of course there is the growing knowledge of the damage to our environment that is taking place because of our addiction to it.  
But the startling part of this is that we have alternatives, lots of alternatives.  Our use of oil could be absolutely cut to minimal!  So, why are we having such difficulty moving away from it.  As we pay attention, why are there so many blockages?  We invented electric cars decades ago and yet their mass production remains fraught with opposition.  
There are all kinds of plans on paper to move away from oil and coal that are viable yet never see the light of day.
Why are our global conflicts almost always related philosophically and geopolitically to oil and its pursuit?  
Because oil is the currency of power.  Those who have it control power, and hold power over others.  They will do anything to control this commodity, anything.  
Because if we move to another currency, like renewable energy, the playing field is completely shifted, the power base becomes level, democratic and accessible and a new paradigm is born.  
Ah, so that’s why!