the North

Let us talk about the North.  But let me begin by saying this.  I am not an expert in this area.  I am not an expert in any area.  But I will venture forth on this topic to the best of my ability as I will other topics because this is what is called for.  I invite any of you reading this to bring your perspective to this topic or any other that you would like to weigh in on.  We are better when we work together on these things.  

From my perspective there seems to be an enormous focus of energy being directed to the North.      In this country, Canada, our federal conservative government is developing initiatives and policies that will impact and change the North forever.  All other countries that have a geographical attachment to the North (8 in total) are making statements as to how they imagine the future of this area.  Even countries such as India and China have made it clear that they want to be involved in the process of determining the future of the North.  

So, why this emphasis?  Sadly, the overriding concern is the exploitation of the mineral wealth, and more specifically, the oil and gas that lies in this region.  Also on the table is the use of the North for shipping, including, of course, the movement of oil by tanker.

This momentum is a categorical disaster for all of us on every level.  
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