February 20/14

I met a woman from Ukraine the other day.  She had emigrated to Canada four months previously.  I said, “Oh, Ukraine, you are in the news everyday!”.  “Yes”, she said in halting english, “revolution.  But the protesters are not typical Ukrainians.  Those who are doing so are being paid by the Americans, same as in Syria.”
Today, on the news, the american president is threatening intervention in Ukraine if the “violence” doesn’t end.  Feels a lot like Syria, no?

It is now 3 weeks later and look how the story has progressed.  I have seen full page editorials where mainstream newspapers ("The Globe and Mail" in Canada) where not only was this information that Americans were funding the dissidents embedded in the article, it was the only highlighted quote at the top of the article. 

So, sometimes the truth is there in plain sight and sometimes it is not.  Irregardless, It seems we choose to believe what we need to believe in order to maintain our world view. 

In Nexus, the situation unfolding in Ukraine/Russia/Crimea and Syria would be impossible and unthinkable.