Default settings...number one...



In Nexus, when determining policy there will be two default settings...default setting number one, when in doubt, we support choice.  

How many times in the old paradigm are we involved in debates where one side wants to impose their will on everyone and the other side simply wants the right to choose?  
This setting would oversee debates such as abortion, education, sexual preference, and end of life issues.

In Nexus, we believe that, in cases where the rights of the one do not impinge upon the rights of the other, the individual should be free to choose.  Being able to be free to choose in these and other areas of policy will weaken the control of the state, will weaken our hold on this myth that we are better when such things are legislated, and will facilitate another way of being.  In the end, we honour the individual and our innate ability to make decisions for ourselves when they are not harming or intruding upon others.

Any other areas of our society where freedom of choice would dramatically alter the way we see ourselves?  Where else should this notion of choice be introduced?