There are different stages in this process.  The first stage is to recognize that we have a problem here.  The second stage is to identify the problem.  The third stage is to build a solution.  The fourth stage is to move there.
Is it possible to say that each stage gets progressively more difficult?
Stage one...I have noticed in the past thirty years (ok, maybe I’m older than you :~)) that in this western society of which I am a part, we have moved from almost no one talking about it to being able to have the conversation with just about everyone at just about any time.  And we’re not talking just about a little issue here, we’re talking about full blown extinction of the human species, the end of life on this planet as we know it!
So, is there really anyone out there who still believes we can just carry on as usual and things will turn out ok?  
Stage two...this is a rich and fertile place.  I could spend all of my time and effort pointing out the absurdity, the lies, the disaster that is the current framework under which we are currently living.  Many of these statements might be labelled by some to be “conspiracy theories”, locking us into a never ending series of debates which would take up all of our time and in the end leave us in the same place.  Ammunition for what is truly going on in the world is readily available everywhere, assuming of course you are interested in finding it.  For many, this knowledge is simply too depressing.  And in the absence of something to do about it, an alternative, I completely understand the choice to avoid these dialogues.
Stage three...this is the most complicated one so far but the one we are being called upon to engage in.  I can personally admit that I avoid the work to be done here largely because the work at stage two is so much more readily available.  Also, stage two involves the critique of our world and criticism seems easier to undertake than construction.
And though I will return to stage two at times (and perhaps there is some solidarity in that), I recommit to the goal of putting forth this concept.  
I believe it is possible for us to re-define ourselves in a new story.
How cool would that be?