More bears...

How many times have we been involved in a project and the structure with which we are working doesn’t meet the needs of the problem or situation we are working with?  How many times do we end up with a skewed process simply because the structure supporting us does not match the needs of the situation under scrutiny?  

For example, you are studying the polar bear population in a certain area of the North.  Obviously, these animals do not respect the artificial boundaries that our species has imposed upon the planet.  So, in Canada, provincial boundaries, federal boundaries, land claim agreements, traditional territorial borders, have nothing to do with the polar bear.  But what happens when a meeting is called, and each person present represents their part of an artificial construct?  How can one effectively deal with a holistic organic situation when each of the problem solvers is only representing their artificial piece of the pie?  Can this be an effective approach?  So, how do we begin to develop structures that appropriately represent the nature of the situation that we are bringing our attention to?

Is not this situation the microcosm of what the planet is facing?  Our issues are global in nature and yet our solutions are provided by nation states whose systems are energized by the need to achieve what is best for its own people.  Can any good come from this approach?  And how can we move from this approach to one that is appropriate for what is facing us?  
These are not rhetorical questions!

In Nexus, we will not only build a world based on sustainable policies but also the means to carry them out.  Bring it on!