Default settings...number two...

Default setting number two, when in doubt choose and support diversity.

The very notion of diversity is a survival factor for our species.  In nature, any reduction of species is a reduction of our collective strength.  Any policies, ideas, or movements which continue to result in the extinction of species need to be named and stopped.

For the longest time, I had difficulty coming to clarity about Monsanto, specifically, and the issue of seed diversity in general.  Not any more.  There can be no doubt (if you had any) that such an organization/movement is simply courting disaster.  Any attempt to eliminate competition, either in nature or in business, is short-sited and debilitating.

Monopolies do not make us stronger - whether it be food production (factory farming), commerce (Walmart), or cultures who seek to brand themselves all over the world (guess who!).
Small is beautiful!  (once again) and small and diverse is even better!