The summer of 2014

It is safe to say that we have reached new levels over the past few months.  

The daily news has brought us dark tales of wars in Israel, Palestine, and Syria.  We watch as the West escalates its presence in Iraq once again.  For the first time for many of us, we begin to hear and be aware of a new term, ebola.  2 planes mysteriously crash, one yet to be found.  There are talks about a new cold war.  Reasons for doom and gloom are readily available.  

The good news is that there is less doubt (for those who still maintain their faith in the system) that the belief system we are currently living out is broken and unfixable.  More and more people have access to sources of information that were not available even a decade ago.  The truth is available to each and all.

What is really going on in the Middle East?  With the ebola outbreak?  What is the underlying storytelling that explains how we got into this morass?  The answers to these questions are readily available now thanks to the internet to any and all who are interested.  

As a result of this ground swell of awareness, their is an enormous energy being created by the ever expanding group of people on the planet who no longer believe the information that is being fed to us through mainstream media.  It is certain that this old system will fail, and the likelihood is that this event will happen in the near future.

And we will survive this event, and on the other side we will construct a society that is in the image of who we truly are.  And once again, there will be light.