I am You and You are Me

Nexus, then, is an example of the work needed to be done to bring shape and meaning to our world after the current system collapses.  All ideas on this journey of discovery are welcome and honoured.  

Let us return, then,  to the practical work at hand.  Before the summer, a significant amount of time and energy was devoted to the examination of the situation with aboriginal persons.  The focus was on the Canadian perspective but the hope is that insights could be applied to indigenous persons anywhere on the earth.  

As stated previously, there are obvious concerns about a non-Native person making statements about governance and policy concerning Native persons.  We can extend this concern to anyone suggesting/creating/imposing rules on others, especially if that group is outside of that person’s national or ethnic background. Let me address this concern in this way.

It goes without saying that we are all attached and identify with our own particular life that we are currently leading, including it’s cultural background, history, place in time.  So, for example, if you are a white German male, you likely identify with that culture that you find yourself in.  However, we have all lived many lives in the past.  So, aside from this particular life, you are no more German than any other human on the planet.  For better or for worse, you cannot claim responsibility for anything that happened historically in Germany outside of your lifetime.  Nor can you claim credit for anything culturally outside of your lifetime.  

Put another way, I am as German as you are, as Native, as Jewish, as feminine, as masculine, as gay.  We are truly one and the same and we have all been and played many roles in the past.  As such, we are collectively all responsible for our past history, for better or for worse.  No one outside of us is to blame for the current situation we are in.  We have all had a hand in creating this story.  Because we are the creators of this old story which is at its end, we also have the capacity to be the creators of a new one.

We are all now ready to move into a new era where such truths are made manifest in our consciousness.