Re - Vision

It’s April, 2015, and I thought it was time for an update.  I’ve changed, you’ve changed, we’ve all changed!  Much of the social construction of this site was written decades ago and as I was re-reading it (as I do from time to time), I realized it didn’t speak for me in the same way that it used to.  

So, time for a revision.  Still feeling pretty positive about our capabilities of creating a new world, one that matches our dreams and ever-awakening consciousness.  Actually, even more buoyant than I was decades ago!  The model I envisioned then maintained the concept of nation states with an overlay of a global governance system.  Integrated into this system was a formula whereby wealth would be shared between nations as well as a series of policies that, if implemented, would fundamentally alter the way that we inhabited this planet.  This concept was meant to represent either an end state or an intermediary stage.  For those for whom this model resonates, I support our collective energies to work towards its implementation.  

There are of course other initiatives out there that seek to significantly alter our world while preserving the concept of nation state.  I recently came across this Ted Talk  and website.  You be the judge as to whether this is the kind of initiative that you would support.  My own feeling about this and other similar initiatives that essentially preserve the status quo of nation states is that you are simply altering a system that is fatally flawed in its conception and no amount of tinkering will provide the results that it aspires to.

I now believe that our world view and beliefs are so strongly driven by certain social constructs, that it is impossible to even contemplate the kinds of changes necessary for us to realize a different world.  Two of these are our notions of nation state and our religious beliefs.  I no longer see any way to build a future that will sustain us unless these social constructs are named and examined and discarded as being simply myths that were created by us, and no longer serve us.

I believe there is a growing global consciousness about who we truly are and “the way that it is”.   As we increase our capabilities to envision this new world, this new way of being, how do we imagine these changes will come about?  What is the process?  How do we get from where we are to where we want to be, a place that is in keeping with who we truly are and “the way it is”?  There are a number of proposals out there which require us to do nothing but wait in anticipation as those who are more highly evolved and are observing us from other dimensions anticipate the right moment to “magically” transform our reality within a very short space in our time.  This is a very exciting concept and I await with patience for the event.  In the meantime, I believe there is a way that we can begin to come together to celebrate this awakening consciousness in a manner that makes us feel connected and empowered.  And that is, to begin to recognize our place in the vision and to reach out to those who also realize their place.

I propose that we create this place called Nexus and that we begin to live there.  I propose that in this place we begin to recognize the beginnings of a new world.  How energizing would it be if rather than lamenting, criticizing, protesting the old, we began to build the new, we began to create the framework of this new vision? If you declare your commitment to me and I to you, what kinds of actions can we undertake if we are just two, that would make us feel empowered and connected?  What if the group was 3 or 4 or 5 people who embrace the vision and the process?  How can we support each other if we live half way around the globe?  What can we do if physical distance is not an issue?  As we begin to connect person to person, group to group, at what stage can we begin to define emerging concepts of wealth and resources, to create energy networks that match our collective wisdom, to implement appropriate concepts of education and food production?  At what point does the old system simply fall away and rust?  

Who’s in?  Phase 1…public declaration of solidarity.  I’ll keep you posted as we grow.