Our primary relationship

In the old world (the current one) it is possible to identify the wrongful ideas that have infiltrated our culture and over time lead it to this sorry state.  One is the idea that man stands at the pinnacle of power over Nature.  It is this basic disregard and lack of respect for Nature that has significantly contributed to our current flawed world view.  In our new world, our relationship with Nature will be realigned.  It will be obvious in everything we do that our primary source of inspiration and direction comes from a benevolent relationship with the natural laws of Nature which is our pathway to a relationship with the divine.  

In Nexus, then, there will be directives, agreed upon by all, but possibly maintained by a few (more on this later), that would enforce a set of rules which would honour a new relationship with nature and the earth.  

No group, nation state, or organization would supersede these.  These agreed upon principles who include global policies on resource extraction, energy production, food production and distribution, fish and oceans, and what we now refer to as natural resources.  These policies will ensure that Nature leads the way in our new era.  We will enact policies that will allow Nature to recover from the assault that has taken place on an ever increasing scale for a very long time.  Once our natural support systems are returned to their natural state of health, everything we do will reflect the goal of remaining in balance with these life support systems.