One World Governance

Nexus is an attempt to bring form and function to the world after the event, after the transformation.  In its simplest structure, one could observe that it is a form of “one-world governance”.  

When you “google” “one-world governance”, every single reference is to the appropriation of this term by the dark side.  It is seen as the domain of those currently in power, the sinister extension of a story thousands of years in the making, the final goal of domination of the many by the few, including the elimination of the most.

How did this happen?  How did a somewhat innocuous term take on such a dastardly significance?  Have we become so jaded by this life that we now trust no one to oversee a plan that we would all agree with and support?  Knowing that our planet is one living organism, Gaia, our Mother, do we not need consciousness and systems at play that honour this reality?  Have we lost our faith in our abilities to distinguish between dark and light, good and evil?  When truth and justice return to the land, can we not imagine a benevolent leadership, a leadership that does not seek power, but accepts it as a responsibility, a responsibility that holds no more or less power than any other individual responsibility on the planet?

I am re-claiming this term.  I imagine a world where we re-claim truth and beauty as our birth right.  I stand by the concept of Nexus as described in  Join us and be part of the creation.