All my life, I have hidden, suppressed, the most important work that I do, the work that I am the most passionate about.  I have been led to believe that this work is inappropriate, is uncomfortable to others, that others will not be receptive, that they will be uninterested in the topic, that it is not what they signed up for.  

I have always known something was wrong with the world.  It never made any sense to me.  Given who we were, I couldn’t believe we couldn’t do better, live more wisely, in more peace and harmony.  After all, we had all the choice in the world, didn’t we?

So, one sets off on a journey of discovery.  Who are we truly?  What are the forces at play in the world?  If the world is not the physical manifestation of who we are as spiritual beings, why not?  What is this energy which is skewing the process?  If this dark power is not visible, where is it hidden?  What is this story we are living out, who created it, when will it end, what will be the new story?

And slowly, one begins to discover that there are answers to all these questions.  The truth is everywhere and although it is shocking and heart breaking, it is a necessary part of the process, of the transition.  And thanks to the internet, the last decade has seen an explosion of exposure of what is and has been going on and is available to any and all who are interested.

We are now on the verge of a breakthrough, the most significant transformation in thousands of years.  And we will all be part of it, whether we choose to or not.  

The work I do is facilitating the transition to a new world.  I am one of many.  Join us!